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Looking for love: The best places to swipe right in Perth

December 16, 2017

With nearly one in four West Australians living alone, suburbs that offer lifestyle, amenities and accessibility are a lure to these singles. Living in or near a city means shops, bars, restaurants, and cultural and leisure activities are all within reach and the type of housing stock usually suits those who live alone. Single people […]


Australia set for housing oversupply by 2018: BIS Shrapnel

December 6, 2017

A leading economic forecaster is warning that Australia’s housing shortage could evaporate by 2018, putting downward pressure on property prices. Many analysts argue a persistent housing shortage over the past decade is responsible for stubbornly high Australian home prices, which are much more expensive that most other developed nations. However, economic and property forecaster BIS […]



July 26, 2017

Yep we said -100% offset bank account- PAY LESS INTEREST ON YOUR HOME LOAN. Ok,  last week we gave you some awesome tips on how to reduce your home loan by simply splitting your monthly mortgage repayment in half and pay it fortnightly instead……. if you missed it check it here!   Well here we […]

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Reduce Your Mortage Loan & Save Thousands!

July 18, 2017

REDUCE YOUR MORTAGE LOAN & SAVE THOUSANDS! JULY 19, 2017 Take years off your mortgage with one simple trick We are going to teach you 101 mortgage finance basics. If you are trying to organise your own home loan, through the bank that you have had an account with since you were a “dollar mite”, […]

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