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It’s widely believed that in the future, the Australian government is going to have difficulty in providing for its ageing population. Hence, having a sound investment strategy may help ensure that you actually ‘live’ in retirement not just ‘exist’.

A sound investment strategy may also help provide a strong financial base for your children. Real estate investment has always been an integral part of most Australians investment strategy.

Not only can you enjoy watching your investment grow, there are may also be some great tax advantages along the way.

A Better Choice Finance Broker can help structure your investment and financial requirements correctly the first time.

You may not wish to invest in real estate; buy may wish to invest in shares or managed funds. If this is the case, then a Better Choice Finance Broker can help you finance that as well.

Better Choice Mortgage Services strongly recommends that you seek independent financial and legal advice prior to embarking on an investment strategy.

What should I be aware of when purchasing an investment property?

Before purchasing an investment property, we highly recommend that you see a qualified accountant to assess your personal situation and determine how investment property ownership will affect you. Some of the issues to consider include:

  • Affordability in owning an investment property?
  • Who will own the property? i.e. Personal name or joint names, a company or trust structure or even a Superannuation fund.
  • Do you know the pros and cons of Company ownership v’s personal ownership?
  • Negative gearing benefits whilst holding the investment property
  • Who will the borrower/s be?
  • Do you know the rental return from the property?
  • Will you manage the property yourself or will an agent manage it on your behalf?
  • Are you aware of tax deductible expenses in owning an investment property? Improvements v’s repairs.
  • Are you aware of depreciation benefits? Make sure you get a Depreciation Schedule!
  • Capital gains implications when you sell the investment property.

Loans/features that may be suitable for your situation include:

Professional Packages  I  No Frills Loans  I  Fixed Rate Home Loans (FRHL)  I  Line of Credit Home Loans (LOC)  I  Construction Loans  I  Standard Variable Home Loan  I  100% Offset  I  Introductory Rate Home Loans (IRHL)  I  Combo Loan  I  Reverse Mortgage  I  Redraw  I  Alt Doc Loan  I  Specialist Lending  I  Deposit Bonds

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