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So it’s been a number of years since you brought your home and in that time you have built up a significant amount of equity.

Has the ‘patter of tiny little feet’ made your existing home a little squeezy? Are you feeling comfortable with your current financial situation and want to ‘trade up’?

A Better Choice Finance Broker can assist you in the following ways:

  • Estimate the amount of equity you have built up in your existing property 
  • The loan amount required to purchase your new property
  • Do you want to and/or are you able to utilise a home to home loan?
  • What is the new home going to cost you in repayments per month?
  • Organising a pre-approval to ensure you are in the best position to negotiate the price of your new property.

Loans that may be suitable for your situation include:

Professional Packages  I  No Frills Loan  I  Fixed Rate Home Loan (FRHL)  I  Line of Credit Home Loan (LOC)  I  Home to Home Loan  I  Construction Loan  I  Standard Variable Home Loan  I  100% Offset  I  Introductory Rate Home Loan (IRHL)  I  Combo Loan  I  No Deposit Home Loans (NDHL)  I  Reverse Mortgage  I  Redraw  I  Alt Doc Loan  I  Deposit Bonds

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